Is it a car? Is it a van? No, it’s a double cab pick-up….

Following, significant adverse feedback from motor manufacturers, businesses and drivers alike, the government has completed a U-turn on legislation that was set to change the tax classification on double cab pick-ups, treating them as cars rather than goods vehicles. Had they progressed with their plans, the tax on benefits-in-kind for employees, when provided with a double cab pick-up by their employers, would have increased, substantially.

Am I trading illegally?

It may not be a question that you thought you’d have to ask yourself, but as a Director, part of your legal undertaking requires you to ensure that the business remains solvent and trades within its means. Operating outside of these boundaries could see the company being declared insolvent, struck off and you, as a Director, being penalised or disqualified – meaning you cannot be a Director again.