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Ethical and ESG Investing is getting harder

The recent annual trading announcements from BP and Shell have highlighted why ethical or ESG focused investing is becoming a harder choice for investors. Record annual profits from both organisations have led to a boost in their share values and greater dividends for shareholders. When you’re trying to pull together a mixed portfolio of investments, this kind of trading performance is hard to ignore, especially when other organisations with an ethical remit are beginning to struggle due to economic conditions.

Am I trading illegally?

It may not be a question that you thought you’d have to ask yourself, but as a Director, part of your legal undertaking requires you to ensure that the business remains solvent and trades within its means. Operating outside of these boundaries could see the company being declared insolvent, struck off and you, as a Director, being penalised or disqualified – meaning you cannot be a Director again.

What is EBITDA?

EBITDA or the shorter, EBIT or EBT, is a financial reporting term which identifies the profit generated from trading activities of an organisation. However, it is fundamentally different to Net Profit which states the profit left after all costs have been applied. The acronym in full is Earnings Before Interest, Taxation, Depreciation and Amortisation and whilst historically used within larger corporations, is now a relatively common reporting metric in management accounts for SMEs.