Professional Services Contractors

Accountants for Professional Services Contractors

Most of our clients that are professional services contractors work for themselves or have started their own business as a result of leaving an existing role in a particular sector, only to contract back into that industry.

For many, starting out as a sole trader or forming a limited company is a major step and whether you arrive at the decision by choice or as a result of other circumstances, how you structure your new business and then operate does need some careful consideration.

Going it alone

In particular we help our clients consider:

  • Is it just you? – or do you intend to grow the business and if so how, employees or ‘subbies’?
  • What is the best legal status for your business? – Limited company, LLP, Sole Trader etc.
  • Who will your clients be? – will you have a range of clients or mainly work for a single company and how does this affect your tax (IR35 rules)?

So if you are thinking of ‘going out on your own’ and want to speak to experienced, helpful and friendly professionals, contact us and speak to Tony in the first instance.