How to Change Accountant

Move Your Accountancy Work to Evans Weir in 5 Easy Steps

We would be delighted if you chose to bring your accountancy work to Evans Weir. But before you make your decision it is important that you are equipped with enough information to help you make the right choice. We understand that there are a number of considerations to make so have put together a checklist below, for your aid.

1. Pick the best time

We know there is never a good time to move but would suggest you pick a point whereby you have limited active business with your accountant. The move does not have to be aligned with your year end, and in fact in many cases it is better not to move during the year end process, unless you have serious issues with service.

2. Resolve any issues and settle any fee invoices

There are rules governing our ability to take on a client who has unresolved issues with their existing accountant. As noted below, we have to request ‘professional clearance’ from your existing accountant which basically asks for confirmation that there are no outstanding issues. So before you can move you need to have resolved any issues and settled any outstanding fee invoices.
(The ICAEW can help with disputes)

3. Professional clearance

Once you are in a position to move, we will write to your existing accountants and ask them to give professional clearance for us to assume the role as your advisors. We will also ask them to forward on any relevant files or open case work. Your accountant is permitted to charge for any administration time incurred in this process but it should be limited to around one hour. Most accountants tend to waive their right to charge, as a gesture of goodwill.

To be honest, by step 3 you are moved…! Steps 4 and 5 are really about housekeeping.

4. Update HMRC

Once we have assumed the role as your accountants, you need to make sure other parties are aware of this. If you have previously nominated your accountants as agents for HMRC you will need to update this and nominate us as your new agents.

5. Housekeeping

It is worth spending a little time working through any indirect effects of moving. For instance, has your registered office changed as part of the process? If so, you will need to update invoices, letterhead, websites etc. If you outsource any business support functions, such as bookkeeping or payroll, or you have other advisors to your business, it is courteous to let them know, if they don’t already.

We do hope this checklist proves helpful.

If you’re ready to move, please complete the form below, or contact us today on 01243 787751