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March 30, 2021

Inflation down, employment up… or are they?

The latest set of quarterly reports from the Government and Office for National Statistics (ONS) have once again highlighted the rather topsy-turvy nature of the UK economy at present. First, we heard that the number of people on company payrolls had increased slightly in the 3-months to February, up around 200,000, keeping the UK unemployment rate at around 5%. This was followed shortly after by the inflation report from the ONS which showed inflation decreasing, down to 0.4%. Neither of... read more

March 4, 2021

Job Opportunity: AAT Qualified Accountant

We’re hiring. Recruiting for an Accountant Established in 1967, we specialise in providing accounting advice and business support to start-ups, sole traders, charities, partnerships and Limited companies. From our offices on the edge of Chichester City Centre we maintain close working relationships with all our clients and pride ourselves on delivering a friendly and professional accounts service. We are now seeking an accountant to join our team and support our growing client... read more

Job Opportunity: Bookkeeper/Receptionist

Become the welcome face of our business We are seeking a new bookkeeper / receptionist to join our team and support our growing client base. The role is typically varied and will see the successful candidate involved in some general office duties as well as providing bookkeeping services for our very extensive and varied client base. Established in 1967, we specialise in providing accounting advice and business support to start-ups, sole traders, charities, partnerships and Limited... read more

Budget 2021

Perhaps it was the lack of wiggle room afforded to him or the fact that today’s Government is like a sieve when it comes to news of plans and ideas circulating around the cabinet table, but the lack of surprise elements in this week’s budget was probably, in itself, not a surprise. As our preview blog post in February considered, there were few routes open to the chancellor. With most of the UK still in lockdown and a protracted exit planned, now was not the time to go silly in either... read more

February 24, 2021

The Instability of Crypto Currency: Tesla’s Jekyll and Hyde week

With the pandemic fuelling a major move to the digital economy in the last year, is it any wonder that the subject of crypto currency is once again dominating the business news headlines? But the last week alone will highlight the instability of crypto when one considers the fortunes of Bitcoin and its investors. If one single news story should demonstrate the impact of Crypto on business, it has to be Tesla’s decision to invest heavily in Bitcoin and announce that it will move to accept... read more

February 11, 2021

2021 Budget – What to expect?

Having picked up the Treasury reins just weeks before the Covid pandemic broke, Chancellor Rishi Sunak has so far had little room to manoeuvre or stamp his own brand on the economic plan for the UK. Despite making numerous announcements and unveiling multiple recovery and support plans, his budget statement on March 3rd 2021 is likely to be his first real opportunity to introduce his own style of long-term fiscal planning. But with the pandemic still looming large and impacting the economy,... read more

January 28, 2021

Moving out of Cities

There’s nothing like global a pandemic to make us all take stock of our lives. It’s probably fair to say that over the last year, most of us will have taken a moment to consider our personal situation, either because we feel thankful that we have been able to navigate a way through or because Covid has impacted our lives in one form or another. One clear trend appears to be a migration from cities and urban areas to quieter rural and coastal locations. In turn, this increased demand is... read more

January 26, 2021

State Aid Rules and Covid

Any business that has bid for contracted public works, and some non-public projects, through a formal tender process, will know that there is typically a requirement to declare any state aid received. This declaration is designed to identify any potential disparity or unfair advantage in the bidding process. It also helps to highlight where there may be issues of financial viability on the part of one bidding entity, (semi) reliant on public funds to keep going. What is State Aid? State... read more

January 13, 2021

Support During the Covid Pandemic

Like every other business in the UK, the Covid pandemic, lockdowns and impact on the economy hit us out of nowhere too. Within hours of the first stay at home notice, we received a number of calls and emails from anxious clients and individuals keen to know how to manage the financial impact of the restrictions. Distilling Government support Obviously, we were just as green to it as our clients at that point in time, but we understood that our role would be to decipher the information... read more

December 10, 2020

Banks Suspend Opening New Accounts for Small Businesses

It is being reported that HSBC, NatWest and Lloyds Banking Group have temporarily suspended opening new small business accounts as fears around the legitimacy of these new businesses grow. Recent industry data showed that up to 55% of applications were potentially fraudulent with suggestions that just 15% of those applying ended up opening a current account after identity and fraud checks. But the move to suspend new account openings is not only being introduced by the major high street... read more