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October 18, 2017

October 1967

What was making the news in October 1967? With the news regularly covering the latest advances in space exploration and the race to offer scheduled space transportation, it is a little crazy to consider that 50 years ago this month, the first man made object landed on Venus. Having been launched in June of the same year, Venera 4, part of the Russian space programme, entered the Venusian atmosphere on October 18th, sending data back before contact was lost, presumably as part of the... read more


Since the ‘Millennium Bug’ it has felt like there is always an event or new piece of legislation coming down the pipeline which is set to cause a major impact to all businesses or shake up a particular sector. Having only just caught our breath after Auto Enrolment, we are now presented with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) which comes into force in 2018 and which is commanding significant column inches in the press. For those of you not aware of GDPR, it is likely to touch... read more

Will we ever buy cars again?

Recent sales figures show that the car market is undergoing a change, probably the most significant since the introduction of the second new registration point or even the introduction of low deposit, final value PCP finance schemes. It would appear that the bi-annual rush to be one of the first to drive a car off the forecourt with the latest registration letter/number has lost its glamour. Car sales are becoming less hiatal and more even across the year but for the few exceptions of Summer... read more

2008-2018 The Lost Decade?

The Lost Decade? It’s hard to believe that the credit crunch that led to the downfall of Lehman Brothers and the ensuing melee in the economy was almost a decade ago. You would be forgiven for thinking that the time has passed quite quickly, perhaps because we have become used to switching on the news to more tales of woe, instability and uncertainty in world markets. We’re told that the slow and steady recovery continues, but world events, Brexit, political wrangling and foreign... read more

October 5, 2017

Farming Award for Marshall’s Farm

Farming Award for Marshall's Farm We're delighted to share some news on behalf of our longest standing client, Marshall's Farm. The farm has just been announced as the best farm (over 500 acres) and the overall champion farm at this year’s Petworth and District ploughing match. The farm was judged on its herd of dairy cows, 340 Spring calving cows, as well as crops of Maize and Winter wheat. The Judges liked the overall management of the herd, especially seeing all the cows outside... read more

September 27, 2017

Autumn Tax Newsletter

Our autumn tax newsletter is now ready for you to download. In this edition, we look at: Tax laws, inheriting holiday cottages, the move to digital tax, tax codes, selling your UK home and living abroad (one for Kathy there!) and why your tax code might be wrong. You can download your copy here: Evans Weir Autumn Tax Newsletter 2017 and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries arising from the issues covered... read more

September 1967

As part of our 50th anniversary, we are looking back at the events of  1967 to see what the founders of our business would have been reading about and facing in their first year of trading. This month we look at the events of September 1967. As if to echo our own news this month, there was the retirement of a grand lady in September 1967 as The Queen Mary left service. Unfortunately, that is where the similarity ends as we do not have an immediate replacement lined up for our grand lady in... read more

Adios, Chau, Hasta luego Kathy!

After 30 years, we are sad to be announcing the departure of Kathy Archibald from Evans Weir. A mainstay of the business, Kathy has been the welcome face of Evans Weir, meeting and greeting clients in both the Chichester and Drayton offices and providing valuable office support to the Directors and accounts team. Kathy joined Evans Weir as a part time typist in June 1987 following a successful interview with Roger Swaffield. As time ticked by she has taken on more and more responsibilities;... read more

Interest Rates – Rises on the Horizon?

The September meeting of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee gave the strongest signal yet that an increase in interest rates is getting closer. Whilst the September vote saw a majority remain in favour of keeping rates at its long term historic low of 0.25%, the 7-2 result belies the real situation. The statement that accompanied the outcome made it clear that higher than desired inflation levels and positive growth figures may result in an increase in “coming months”... read more

September 7, 2017

Recruiting Receptionist

Become the welcome face of our business We are seeking a new receptionist to join our team and support our growing client base. After many years loyal service our receptionist is off to pastures new and so we need someone to become the welcome face of our business and support our accountancy team with general office duties. The role is typically varied and will see the successful candidate involved in all aspects of our business from office management and all forms of communication with... read more