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January 17, 2018

2018 The Year of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

It is very hard to ignore the rise and rise of AI (artificial intelligence) but is 2018 likely to be the year that AI becomes truly mainstream?  Whether you start your day talking to Siri, Alexa or Google or you work in a factory surrounded by robots, the fact is AI is all around us and the tech is becoming increasingly commonplace in modern life. But the test of whether something is mainstream or not is when it becomes affordable and 2017 heralded the point that AI became available to and... read more

Bidding and Tendering – Can you really compete?

With the news full of questions about how Carillion continued to be awarded huge contracts despite multiple warning signs of financial failure, we look at what it takes to win the tendering game. In times of uncertainty in the wider economy the public sector can look like an attractive source of stable income and successive Governments have prioritised spending on new public projects as a means of filtering money through to the private sector. But tendering requires huge time and... read more

Dividend Tax Allowance Cut in 2018

In 2016 dividend tax was introduced as a way of levelling up the tax system between employees, the self-employed and business directors/owners. The view of the then chancellor and his successor is that however you are employed and however much you earn, the tax system should be even handed. It was felt that whilst personal tax was avoided by using dividends as a source of income, the various tax allowances available to companies meant that the corporation tax take which notionally substituted... read more

December 13, 2017

And finally, December 1967

And finally... A look back at the main news from December 1967 as we come to the end of our 50th anniversary year. We have enjoyed looking back to 1967, as we celebrate our 50 years in business. We may have said it before but it is genuinely fascinating how many similarities we have discovered as we look at old news archives to find out what the world looked like when Evans Weir was established. Back in 1967 we were attempting to get into Europe and into space. Fast forward 50 years and... read more

Making Tax Digital – What it means for you

The continued push towards more automated statutory reporting to HMRC will see the Government’s Making Tax Digital (MTD) initiative rolling out from 2019 onwards. The first phase of MTD requires companies to keep ‘digital’ records and, in particular, digital VAT records. This means that businesses who currently use manual books and spreadsheets will need to move to a software application to manage their accounts and submit their VAT returns electronically, directly from the application to... read more

November 23, 2017

Budget November 2017

So, we have now enjoyed our first autumn budget. The move to an autumn budget is a welcome one across industry as it gives businesses and individuals time to adjust and digest before changes take effect. Being cynical it also leaves plenty of time for U-turns… We say we enjoyed the autumn budget because, as light entertainment TV goes, it was quite enjoyable – akin to having Brucey back on our screens with his puns and jokes. But waking up the morning after, we may all reflect on Philip... read more

November 21, 2017

More Award-Winning Clients – Chemo Headwear

Hot on the heels of our award-winning client news last month we are pleased to have been contacted by another client, Claire Featherstone of Chemo Headwear ( with news of more awards success. Claire, whose primary business is creating one off dresses for her clients, has now won an award for her work creating hats for Chemotherapy patients. The inaugural Spotlight Awards by Live Better With, a specialist retailer providing products to cancer patients, picked out... read more

November 1967

We’re nearing the end of our 50th anniversary year and so this is our penultimate jaunt through the items that were making the news when Evans Weir was established - this month we are looking at November 1967 With the battle for independence in the news once again, both at home and abroad, it’s interesting to note that 50 years ago this month the Scottish National Party won only its second ever seat in the House of Commons. It’s done a little better ever since, returning at least one... read more

Interest Rate Rise

In case you missed it, interest rates doubled earlier this month to their second lowest ever level… what a sentence. Expected for some time, this is the first of several ‘baby steps’ Governor Carney has been preparing us for, as The Bank of England seeks to balance spending, inflation and GDP growth. Commentators do not expect a further interest rate rise this year or even early in 2018, with long term guidance suggesting a rate of 1.5% not happening much before mid-2020. But even... read more

Businesses have become desensitised to economic uncertainty

Last month we wrote about the lost decade – the ten years since the financial crash of 2008 – and having discussed this theory in meetings with a range of SMEs it feels like the side effect of the lost decade is a numbness to economic uncertainty. That is not to say that businesses are not impacted by it, but more that they simply seem to be accepting of it and have become used to ups and downs and are planning for the mid-long term regardless. Analysis of the years immediately after the... read more