Everybody needs good neighbours…

Children on the Edge – our Charity Neighbours

For those of you that are regular visitors to the Chichester office, you will know that we share our offices in The Victoria with Children on the Edge, a small charity that packs a big punch. Several clients have asked us about their work and as they are one of our chosen charities we wanted to tell you about their work and how we support them.

Children on the Edge was set up 25 years ago and works with vulnerable children all across the globe. The head office is just one floor up from Evans Weir in The Victoria building in Chichester and employs a small but dedicated team in the UK, fundraising and managing projects overseas.

Because the charity is small and targeted, it can reach situations that larger organisations and agencies sometimes struggle to access, and can focus on children who are otherwise forgotten or neglected.

Current projects managed by Children on the Edge include:
– Education for working children in Bangladesh
– Support for children displaced by conflict in Kachin State, Burma
– Camp schools for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon
– A Child Friendly Space and community development for slum children in Uganda

The charity regularly starts new initiatives in areas of need and then works with local agencies and communities to take control once a project is established and enjoys ongoing funding and/or support.

Here at Evans Weir we like to be good neighbours, so we support their valuable work when we get the chance. Our main contribution to this work comes in the form of sponsoring the Chichester Half Marathon which is a major fundraiser for them. The ‘Chi Half’ was resurrected by Children on the Edge in 2012 after a 25 year break, and in recent years our sponsorship has funded the medals and the prizes.

We are looking forward to being involved with Children on the Edge and the Chi Half again this year, which takes place on October 11th. If you would like to know more about Children on the Edge or the Chichester Half Marathon please use the links below:


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