Client Focus – Animal Care in Egypt

Not only are we proud to support our clients through the accounting and financial advice services we offer, but also by promoting the inspiring work they do.

Animal Care in Egypt, ACE, is a small charity in Luxor that provides free veterinary care for thousands of vulnerable working animals. 15 years ago, ACE was founded by Julie Wartenberg and Kim Taylor after witnessing first-hand the trouble many animals here encounter.

Temperatures can soar, meaning that horses with heavy workloads and lack of regular water often collapse from heatstroke. Poor quality roads and a norm of reckless driving, also lead to an abundance of casualties.

ACE supports animals through their recovery and rescues those abandoned and injured. Preventative measures such as community education are additionally used in an attempt to reduce the regularity of maltreatment, neglect and injury.

Evans Weir has helped ACE to produce their mandatory statutory accounts. By clarifying the documentation and procedures which were needed for the type and size of the charity, Evans Weir enabled those working with ACE to be able to continue to focus their efforts on the charities mission.

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