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Is the VAT Threshold Stunting Growth?

The VAT threshold, the point at which you must register for VAT, has remained at £85,000 for some time despite the fact we’ve seen double digit inflation. There is now concern that this ceiling is stunting economic growth and may be forcing some business to close their doors. The main issue relates to those businesses that have taken an active decision to remain below the threshold because they fear registering for VAT would make them uncompetitive.

11 Downing Street is home to Chancellor of the Exchequer and where the budget is drafted

Autumn Statement Summary

On Wednesday 22nd November 2023, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt delivered his Autumn Statement. With an election now on the horizon, he was always going to be hunting for some headlines whilst acknowledging that living costs are still high, inflation is still more than double its target rate of 2%, borrowing and debt remain at near record levels and wars rumble on in Ukraine and the Middle East, creating uncertainty and nervousness in global markets. So, what did he announce and what does it mean for you?

2023 Financial Forecasting – Where do you start?

If you have responsibility for budgeting in your business, the events of the last couple of years will undoubtedly have kept you busy and will probably have thrown some challenges your way. You’re not alone. Businesses everywhere are struggling to set and maintain accurate budgets, beset on all sides by world events and economic trends.

So how do you budget effectively, and more to the point accurately, with so many external influences at play?

The Bank of England

Historic Interest Rates

One of the problems with historical records is they sound grand but often end up obfuscating other historical records. The announcement by The Bank of England on 3rd November that interest rates were to rise by three-quarters-of-one-percent (0.75%) meant that this was the biggest single jump in rates for more than three decades, thirty three years to be precise. Whilst not ignoring the significance of this move, it could allow us to forget that this also brings to an end one of the longest periods of low interest rates in history.