Kashflow arrives at Evans Weir

We are delighted to announce that we have signed a strategic partnership with Kashflow bookkeeping software – the application that is revolutionising the SME market.

As we noted last month, we have been looking at numerous options to find the package that is best suited to our diverse client base and we believe that Kashflow is it.

The partnership allows us to provide Kashflow bookkeeping software to our clients along with requisite training and set up to ensure you derive maximum value from the application. However, the partnership also allows us the chance to change the way we work with you, our clients, and that is what we are most excited about.

Because Kashflow is online, we can keep in regular contact with your accounts, ensuring that minor issues don’t snowball and so we can focus our time on things that add value such as tax planning and guidance.
And so, over the coming months, as we start to work with Kashflow, you will notice some subtle differences in the way we deliver our services. In an ever changing environment we believe Kashflow can not only revolutionise the way you work but it can also change how we work with you.

For more information on Kashflow please contact the office to organise a demonstration or to order your software. A dedicated Kashflow centre will be launched on the website shortly with videos, literature, handy hints and pricing.