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European Union Referendum – What do you think?

By the time of our next newsletter we’ll know the result of the EU Referendum. Having discussed the EU referendum with many clients and business partners it has sparked interesting debate.

As the dust settles it will be interesting to see if the scaremongers from either side were right with their predictions. This is probably the most important decision the electorate has had to make since the original referendum to join the single market. It would appear that the European Union grand masters want further enlargement of the bloc, opening the EU membership up to countries with poor economies which will therefore likely receive contributions from the EU. This will ultimately mean the UK contributing more and possibly even losing the much heralded rebate currently received.

The EU referendum result is going to affect everyone in the UK and at Evans Weir we strongly believe that everybody should cast their vote whether it is to leave or stay. If you would like discuss the EU referendum, please contact Evans Weir and we would be delighted to hear your opinion.