An Economic Silver Lining

We take a look at the UK’s economic situation

So the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has announced its initial estimates for the UK economy for the last quarter, declaring a potential 0.3% growth. And while this may not sound like much, it’s still a positive increase from the 0.2% during the 3 months prior to this quarter.

What’s more, it’s the service sector, retail and the film industry which have attributed to the upturn. All these sectors have had a proven impact on this better-than-expected estimate. This in itself is something to be positive about; that’s three industries all related to us as consumers having a bit of a good time at least. Eating out, shopping and trips to the movies are clearly just a few things we refuse to give up even when things are tough. So while the economy might not be the best we’ve seen in a while, its most certainly not the worst and we appear to be making the most of it.

It’s clear, with Brexit uncertainty comes economic uncertainty across the country. And whilst we are certainly not advocating spending business investment funds on a trip to the local Odeon, it’s important to remain positive over the coming months as negotiations unfold.

If you have any questions or queries about the ONS forecast, or you just want recommendations for your next movie trip, please get in touch.