Business Funding Opportunities

A recent report on business funding from specialist bank, Aldermore showed that a lack of funding meant 20% of SMEs missed at least one business opportunity last year. With an average impact of £112,508 per company, those affected worst were businesses with 50-249 employees.

Utilising funds and grants is a key part of growth for any company, especially during economic uncertainty, so it’s important for businesses to look out for opportunities around them. In West Sussex, there are a range of grants and funds available, all for different purposes.

Grants and funds include:

  • Leap Small Business Fun – grant funds for small businesses, whether you’re just starting out, looking to grow or hoping to take on an apprentice.
  • LEADER programme – aimed at those companies with a farming or rural focus.
  • Member’s Big Society Fund – a community grant which requires support from your local County Councillor.
  • Community Initiative Fund (CIF) – funds for community groups and organisations awarded at County Local Committee meetings.
  • West Sussex 4 Funding – A free hub for finding potential funding sources for any project or business.

So to make the most of your next venture and help drive growth of your business, take a look at different funds and grants available. Feel free to drop us a call for more advice on growing your business with funding.