July 19, 2021

How can we reduce our corporation tax bill?

Nobody likes paying tax, whether via their business or personally and the question of ‘How can we reduce our corporation tax bill?’ is one we are faced with almost daily. Sadly, the query tends to come when it is either too late to do anything i.e. they are looking at their completed accounts and therefore the corporation tax bill, or they are just weeks away from year end and the magnitude of their tax bill has just hit home. Corporate Tax Planning To avoid turning up late to the... read more

Salary or Dividends? – How do I draw earnings from my company?

Should you take your income as salary or dividends? The question of how to draw earnings from your business when you are an owner director is a perennial one, but in recent years, successive changes in government policy have made the answer slightly more nuanced. There is no ‘one size fits all’ response and there are multiple factors to consider before one can give a concrete answer. However, here are the key criteria we would be looking at when helping a client make that decision. Who... read more