1967: June Snapshot

We’re another month closer to our 50th birthday celebrations, so the countdown of way-back-when is continuing with a look at June 1967.


So it turned out to be a big month for music in June. As I’m sure many will remember, it was the month The Beatles released their timeless Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album – an album that we can all agree is as much a classic today as it always has been. Aretha Franklin also made it to No. 1 in the charts with her empowering single, Respect, while American heartthrobs, The Monkees tour showcased at the iconic Hollywood Bowl.

In money news, the first automatic cash machine made its way onto our highstreets. It was Barclays that made this revolutionary change that we all take for granted in today’s world – so thanks Barclays!