Douglas Briggs Partnership

At a glance

Company Format:
Limited Liability Partnership LLP
Years with Evans Weir:
Architecture & Planning
Chichester, West Sussex
Services provided:
Bookkeeping, Personal & business tax, Payroll, Accounts Preparation, Business Advice

“The service I enjoyed then and have done ever since was totally professional and I like the fact that Evans Weir is truly independent”

Douglas Briggs
Partner, Douglas Briggs Partnership

About the Client

Douglas Briggs Partnership is an integrated Architecture and Town Planning practice acting for a wide range of private and public clients seeking development appraisals and advice. There are very few private practices that have qualified architects and town planners amongst their ranks and so the company is relatively unique from this perspective and attracts work and clients that reflects this unique mix.

Why Evans Weir?

The company was started by Douglas Briggs around 25 years ago when he left a larger architectural firm. As part of that exit process, Douglas had need to call upon the services of a lawyer and accountant and it was at this point Douglas began his involvement with Evans Weir. Working with a major law firm to resolve the exit from his previous firm, Douglas was referred to Stuart Weir – a fellow Scotsman – and having helped Douglas step away from the old firm, Stuart then helped set up the new practice. Douglas Briggs Partnership has been a client of Evans Weir ever since.

Douglas says “The service I enjoyed then and have done ever since was totally professional and I like the fact that Evans Weir is truly independent”. He continues “You don’t feel that they are trying to promote a particular product or service so I feel that I am getting the best advice and there are no conflicts of interest”.

“I feel that as a firm of accountants, the company is well respected by Government agencies and authorities and so if you want someone looking after your personal and commercial affairs what better than to work with someone that carries that respect?”

The Service Provided by Evans Weir

Evans Weir looks after all aspects of the commercial accounting and business tax for Douglas Briggs Partnership. The practice raises its own invoices but all other elements of the day-to-day and annual accounts preparation and tax returns are taken care of by Evans Weir. Douglas also uses Evans Weir for his own personal tax affairs and the company payroll.

As a team of fee earners, this accounting support allows the staff at Douglas Briggs to focus on client work and this has enabled the business to retain clients and continue to grow.

Douglas Briggs on Evans Weir

“The departure from my previous firm was a traumatic time and so it was reassuring to have been introduced to Stuart at the start of what has become a hugely beneficial business relationship. I feel I have someone watching my back and I enjoy working with the team at Evans Weir.

I trust Evans Weir and regularly go to them for advice on other related business matters such as employment and contracts because I know they will either provide me with honest advice or make a trusted referral to one of their network of contacts.”