Brexit Means Brexit

So Brexit is finally happening. With Article 50 being officially triggered on the 29th March at midday So what does this mean? Are we set for a period of stability and a little more certainty while decisions are made? Or will things shake up as we hear of new laws and business changes?

Let’s hope for the former. With no changes coming into effect until the two-year negotiations are up, it will be a case of sitting tight until that day comes. This should hopefully mean a bit of assurance while decisions are made, although we can’t ignore the fear factors that may come into effect if negotiations don’t go as planned.

So as things unfold, here are a few things to keep an eye on:

Changes in employment law – the EU has a lot of control of employment legislation in the UK and we don’t know how Brexit could affect things here. It will be important to keep on top of this news so you know where you stand.

Small business funding – post-Brexit, EU funding will no longer be available in the UK. But because most small businesses receive their funding from local banks the impact shouldn’t be too big. It will be interesting, however, to see if the government creates new alternatives to EU funding for businesses around the UK.

If you want to discuss any potential changes for your business, you can get in contact here.