June 17, 2021

How much can I claim for running my business from home?

How much you can claim for running your business from home has always been a hot topic for debate even before we all moved home to work! Historically, the options were simple. You either took an HMRC approved payment of a few pounds for ‘non-exclusive use of home as office’, along with any expenses that were directly incurred; or you took a calculated payment based on the running costs for the entire property and the percentage of floorspace used for business. Working from home... read more

How should I manage my bookkeeping?

The world of bookkeeping has changed significantly over the last few years, leading many to ask the question, how should I manage my bookkeeping? What is bookkeeping? The concept of bookkeeping is simple when you consider the etymology of the word – keeping of the books. The reference to books refers to a time whereby there would have been three actual books (journals or ledgers) that made up the accounts – one for sales, one for purchases and one general ledger. The job of the... read more

How can I diversify my business?

How can I diversify my business is a common question asked by directors, shareholders and business owners for a range of different reasons. It may be the next step on the growth strategy or it may be about balancing risk and in the same way as there are a lot of drivers to diversification, there are multiple routes to achieve it. Spreading the risk Diversification is not just about growing a bigger business or increasing market share. Increasingly it is a route followed by companies and... read more