Self Assessment

Self Assessment personal tax return

Self Assessment Tax Return

When an individual is self-employed, earns a signficant income or is a company Director, they are required by law to carry out a self assessment of their personal tax liability. This process considers income from jobs, dividends, shares and savings – those items which pay you a regular/frequent amount of money.

Completing a self assessment form may be second nature to some individuals whereas others find it daunting, time-consuming and often labourious. Why not let our team of accountants take care of the process to help you manage your tax return at the most crucial time of the business year.

In a bid to move on with innovation and technology, the Government have plans to implement new systems, policies and procedures that may cause trepidations for self-employed individuals completing a self assessment form. We recommend seeking strategic advice to see how potential changes could affect you, and what you can do to prevent this.

If you have tried to complete your own tax return and struggled or simply want someone else to handle it on your behalf, contact us today for a personalised fee estimate.