Personal Tax

Self Assessment personal tax return

CGT, Inheritance & Personal Tax Advice in Chichester

If you are self-employed, a business owner, Director or have multiple sources of income, you will need to complete a personal tax return each year.

This is the annual calculation of your primary sources of income which compares how much personal tax you have paid against what you are required to pay. It is important to make sure you capture and report all aspects of your taxable income in your self-assessment return.

Away from your primary income stream, other income derived from alternative sources such as property rentals, share dividends, bank interest, investments and asset disposals may require reporting and result in payment to the tax authorities. As part of our personal tax service, we can also offer advice in relation to any Capital Gains Tax (CGT) & Inheritance Tax liabilities which typically arise from time to time as you manage your investment portfolio.

At Evans Weir we provide a complete tax service which calculates your full tax liability (or repayment!) and then submits the return online on your behalf. Our personal tax planning service is designed to take a proactive approach to managing your income and investments so as to minimise your current and future tax liabilities.