Tax Representation Protection Scheme

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Tax Representation Protection Scheme

An HMRC investigation can be a daunting, disruptive and overwhelming prospect. With the amount of inspections occurring more and more frequently, is it any wonder that individuals are seeking protection?

The Taxman is becoming more thorough and ruthless as he looks to minimise tax take without increasing costs, using a ‘heavy handed’ approach to catch further tax payers.

To achieve the best outcome and a proper defence against HMRC, we have a Tax Representation Protection Scheme that can help you escape paying extra tax and deal with HMRC’s powers confidently.

Our Premier Protection Scheme covers up to £100,000 per claim in the event of anything from VAT reviews, business record checks, to national minimum wage checks. Not only this, our team of consultants from Croner are on hand to provide guidance and advice on employment and personnel issues, health and safety issues and commercial legal disputes.

It is important to note that on-the-spot tax inspections can happen to any of us, therefore being able to safeguard your practice reputation and protect your business is fundamental.

Getting us involved at the start of the investigation is likely to increase your chances of success, play a significant part in enhancing your client relationship and protecting your revenue.

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